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Do you know where to start? Do you know where to stop?

We apply our experience, networks, intellectual property and tools to help shape breakthrough innovation and strategy advice to enterprises.

Our advisory services specialise in helping boards, CEO and senior leadership teams understand the opportunities, barriers and identify the best options for your enterprise.

Our Innovation360 tools will help you understand your enterprise’s current capabilities s, and help articulate strategies that will create opportunities, transform organizations and deliver real market leadership.

Why edgelabs?

Edgelabs was established to help organisations and leaders achieve their goals with data, innovation, strategy and business development. Whether you are a startup, enterprise, not for profit or individual, we exist to build confidence in your direction, provide guidance about your options and assist you to understand the decisions you’re facing. Seeing your innovation, product development or service live and serving customers is what drives us.

First Principles Thinking

Edgelabs combine first principles thinking, with design led approaches to deliver a independant and fresh perspectives


With a fresh perspective, we listen, learn and seek to understand what you are trying to achieve, the barriers you face and find out what you already know, have already tried


We carry out Innovation and product diagnostics, broad cross-industry research, facilitated framing and discovery workshops and undertake broad internal and external consultation to enable us to develop a comprehensive and credible understanding of your organisation.


Building on first principles we then identify pathways to new approaches, new solutions, services and opportunities to create clear roadmaps to take you from where your enterprise is now, to what it could become.

Do you need our help?

Not sure where to start? Perhaps you need an Innovation360?

  • Our organization is facing significant change and I am not sure we fully understand or can overcome some of the barriers facing us?

  • We have invested in Talented people, but I am not sure that we are working effectively on the right problems?

  • We have invested heavily in innovation, Labs, Garages and even Hackathons but they don’t seem to be making a difference

  • I am worried that our industry does have a number of companies that are starting to look a little like Kodak or Nokia.. I just want to be sure we are not one of them!