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We provide tools and capabilities including our Innovation Hub, to mobilize effective innovation programs

Do your innovation projects get out of the Lab?,  Do they easily graduate into real solutions?  Are your innovation programs Theatre or do they roll out of a new factory assembly line that is creating commercially viable new opportunities to engage, inspire, excite and disrupt your market spaces?

Ok, so we all know innovation is hard, and this is why we believe the most care should be taken to understand the barriers that often thwart great ideas from transitioning into great solutions.  We seek to understand and mitigate these barriers,  we work to prevent innovation projects working in complete isolation from the business and we look for ways to pull down the fences that can prevent innovation projects from succeeding.

What we do

edgelabs can help you move beyond the lab

Product Development

We work with your business, customers and technology resources to design, prototype and develop effective launch and go to market strategies for your enterprises new products and services.

Program turn around

We have all seen large projects fail to deliver, go rogue and loose their way. Our people are experienced, independent and multi-skilled. Our clients frequently engage us in difficult circumstances when they need help turning around a program that needs a reset, or needs to quickly deliver a result.

Build & DevOps

We are experienced in building and running mission critical, high transaction volume platforms. We understand change control, configuration management, continuous integration and best practices in DevOps.

The Innovation Hub

Move beyond online to deliver real change

Edgelabs has partnered with Telstra and Readify to launch the Innovation Hub platform.  A unique platform to help develop the online conversation around some of your enterprises most important challenges and opportunities.

Data Driven Innovation

We help create the next generation of smart services

Edgelabs LeanData™ method, provides the basis for effective data driven innovation programs from short strategy and data hack events through to sustained data incubator, Data Lab and Data Driven Product delivery.

Program Execution

We can provide the people that you need

From software engineering, program management, design, UX, CX through to Data sciences, Cyber Security, Infrastructure Facilitation and Events edgelabs can provide experienced quality resources to fill short and long-term gaps in your enterprise.

Do you need us?

Are your innovation projects going somewhere?

  • Our projects are costing too much and taking too long to deliver, is there a better way?

  • Our online conversations on our enterprise social media network are an echo chamber that goes no where.. is there a better tool that we can use that will help us engage more broadly within the enterprise, focus the conversations more tightly and help them go somewhere?

  • We need help finding the very best people.. with your network and experience can you help?