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The Melbourne Landing Pad

A beachhead and startup platform for growth


Landing Pads in San Francisco, New York, Tel Aviv provide Australian Start-ups with ways to help build a local ‘beachhead’, find customers, establish local relationships, grow and scale.


But what about here in Melbourne?

The Melbourne Landing pad, is an environment for new ventures, ventures from interstate, Asia and around the world to establish themselves, connect with other businesses, find local customers and scale.


Four levels of awesome, it’s a fun, light, collaborative environment, not too noisy, open and relaxed but practical and functional.


Suitable for small to larger scale events of up to 100 people, the Melbourne Landing pad can provide an ideal environment to help new ventures from interstate or overseas connect and collaborate with the Victorian business ecosystem

What is the Melbourne Landing Pad?

  • A space for international, interstate, Regional and local startups to build their networks and capabilities in Melbourne

  • A collaborative space to connect, and potentially collaborate to build or win projects that normally might only be won by a much larger corporation.

  • More than co-working, more than just a desk, a secure environment to meet, recruit, scale and grow

  • A space to leverage our local networks and get introduced to local enterprise, government and key experts.

  • In the mesh economy, the asymmetries favour well connected enterprises; shared capabilities with the ability to quickly scale as needed and will provide the capacity to deliver far greater value to clients.

What is included

The Melbourne Landing Pad has all the comforts and services you need to establish and grow your business in Victoria

All members have access to fridges, rooftop, BBQ, internet, meeting rooms, event spaces, printers, full kitchen, shower and even an on-site professional quality podcast recording studio.

Simple membership options

Flexible and scalable

The Melbourne Landing Pad offers simple casual and residential memberships options for individuals and for larger teams.


The Landing Pad also includes event spaces suitable for small through to large events suitable for training, workshops, board meetings, roundtables, hackathons and even rooftop events with a stunning view of the Melbourne skyline.

Casual Membership
Residential Membership
12 Days / Month 20 Days / Month 3 Months 6 Months Anually
Individual $400 $500 $1,350 $2,550 POA
Team of 3 $1,100 $1,200 $3,240 $6,120 POA
Team of 4 $1,400 $1,600 $4,320 $8,160 POA
Event Spaces POA 1 Per Quarter 1 Per Month *Unlimited
Access Access During Business Hours 24 / 7 ACCESS